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We ship our Siberian cats
and Siberian kittens to:
Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth,
Austin, San Antonio, Texas,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,
Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Fresno, Long Beach, San
Diego, Sacramento, San Jose,
Oakland, California
New York City, NYC
The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn
Staten Island, Manhattan
Washington, D.C.,
Maryland, Rhode Island,
Delaware, Connecticut,
New Hampshire, Massachusetts,
New Jersey, Delaware,
Alabama, Georgia, Kansas,
New Mexico, Arizona,
Cincinitti, Columbus, Ohio,
Indiana, Louisiana, Arkansas,
Missouri, Mississippi,
Chicago, Illinois,
Las Vegas, Nevada,
Detroit, Michigan,


Here is just a sample of our Siberian kittens. All our Siberian kittens that are ready for adoption come with a full year health guarantee from the date of sale. To see Siberian kittens for sale, please click the " Picture Trail" tab on the menu bar selection, or on this page where it is underlined. Our Siberian kittens are FeLV/FIV and ringworm negative. At the time of sale, they are age appropriately vaccinated. Every Siberian kitten is completely examined and thoroughly checked by our veterinarians before they are free to jump from our arms to yours. While some Siberian cat breeders do their own health check and vaccinations, we do not. We want you to have peace of mind that your Siberian kitten has been health checked and vaccinated by a well-established, licensed veterinarian. We even give you a copy of our veterinarian bill as proof of a professional health check and vaccination. If you choose another breeder, be sure to ask for this same service Ė donít settle for less.

To see available kittens as well as current and previous litters, please "click" on the PictureTrail link to view our albums!

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All our Siberian kittens are sold as pets and come with a spay/neuter agreement. Although we specialize in the silver colors, we do have other colors available for sale. Whether you choose a Silver Angel, a Golden Angel or a Sapphire Angel, show quality or pet, we do not change our prices or charge more for a particular or certain color just because some breeders may classify them as "rar"e. A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required for your name to be placed on our waiting list, which of course will be applied to the price of your Siberian kitten at the time of sale. We do not do lengthy inquiry forms like most breeders. We find this very impersonal. Adopting a pet should not be like mortgaging a home. After the initial contact from you by phone, text or e-mail, we are "old fashioned" and believe in the human element of a real conversation. Whatever way is easiest for you

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Our price does not include any traveling, transfer, carrier, courier or paperwork expense. These charges would be extra and, along with the balance, must be paid in full prior to our sale and release of the kitten. All prices are in U.S. dollars, and all payments must be made in U.S. dollars. While we do not regularly ship Siberian kittens, we have placed our kittens around the world in such places as Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and as far away as India.

If you would like to have your name placed on our waiting list, please call or e-mail us and we will gladly send you our inquiry form.

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Angel training of our Siberian kittens does not happen overnight. Our Siberian kittens are ready to leave us on their time, not ours. When they are ready to go out into the world to be part of a new family, they will let us know. Most breeders will take in a whole litter, vaccinate and get them out as soon as possible regardless of whether or not they are ready to leave. We do not do this type of practice in our cattery. We wait until THEY let us know when THEY are ready to spread their wings and fly.
Telephone: 845-671-0456

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